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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  March 8, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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taken on six trains of of the rails. and christmas love from children. >> wgn news @ 9 % of interest in custody charges expected tomorrow corrections officer killed in hit and run. getting to this top story but beginning with breaking news. body of michigan man pulled out of the water tonight montrose harbor >> chihigogoololee diversululd the man's body from montrose harbor 30 minutes ago unusual circumstances surrounding a missing persons investigation family members identified the man 35 years old todd missing on
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friday evening did not show up for work on monday family members filed missing persons report. family members say used his debit card with drop $60 from atm at food mart wilson and magnolia last known location. also checked his voice mail or around 9:00 p.m. on friday evening and the same area. one hour ago police may have found a pair of his pants belmont harbor 50 yds from the water prompting chicago police to send a diving you get into the water found the body just about 30 minutes ago a family member said the body 35 year-old todd suffered a concussion late 2010 at diagnosed with post concuss of syndrome contributed to him going missing. chicago police
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death investigation cook county medical examiner's autopsy. >> top story tonight. wgn live from northwest indiana news of upcoming charges of deadly hit and run case >> press conference held tomorrow sheriff's complex in crown point announcing charges against a person of interest in the deadly hit and run a correction officer dead three other co-workers injured sheriff's office telling wgn news investigators presented charge a commission to prosecutors late today 25 year old marine corps back to read sigel mother of five month old daughter and corrections officer tuesday afternoon run with three co-workers rundown by hit and run driver and the three who survived the badly injured one is still critical condition after surgery earlier today.
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late last night person of interest will your walk into sheriff's office talking to police since that as friends and co-workers continue to stop by her memorial. >> at work have not been able to come over here just came to see the memorial to pay respects. >> is it pretty tough all but there are a lot of people? >> a lot of people did not know her over there but people at the jail and a great person. >> friends and family members emotional unimaginable amount of paint news of charges forthcoming press conference on that front expected here tomorrow. >> thank you. with g 8 summit gone chicago moving ahead with
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preparations for the nato summit. meeting with business leaders talking to security analysts hoping it courted nation >>coordinate things >> i 55 portion of stevenson expressway it during in the weekend will be cut off regular traffic from time to time during a nato summit. long motorcade to 15-20 vehicles heads of state traveling with own staff of security part of what will be complicated logistical challenge. >> tightly choreographed movements that motorcades and delegations will have very specific on arrival and departure times at these locations. >> former united states secret service chief at high-level security consultant compare this to big united nations meeting in new york security detail he has worked many times before giving
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decongestant of midtown manhattan believes in many ways chicago is better equipped with access roads and other issues to deal with nato summit weekend of may 19th. he wants chicago wentz and business leaders to understand nothing to fear. >> should we be boarding up our stores and businesses? the answer absolutely not >> absolutely concerned talking security closed door meeting today with business leaders panel of police commanders at the security specialists answering questions and concerns from chicago led chamber of commerce business leaders. another piece of information you merging the tells chicago first lady city delegation to brussels this month to help plan and the nato summit. members from all around the world today mayor rahm emmanuel questioned about losing the g 8 summit can cover from a
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colleague new york mayor mi michael bloomberg >> techny there are coming to new york? what is wrong here? we should have both and you are being criticized? you are bad at 500 you get into the hall of fame. i did not know what the problem is. >> hand wringing about losing the g 8 summit both mares making the point nato summit certainly nothing to sneeze at in terms of positive exposure for a city. >> argument waukegan a burger king turning deadly 29 year old man shot in the head restaurant parking lot 5:00 this evening identity of the victim remains on known until the family has been notified nobody arrested in connection to the shooting. major safety flaws cta newest "el" cars steel parts next to the wheels being defective.
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supporting most of the train's weight and could cause a derailment if they break. parts come from china transportation company of pennsylvania and stop them cta purchased 706 "el" cars for more than $1 billion axles and wheels sent back to the company company paying for the be placed at work. batt but they did a poor job of making sure the steel was solid steel no air holes and buckles in fact huge holes almost all of these castings >> the trains pulled in december after inspectors noticed ct 8 colp to get cars back on the tracks by may first at top 120 in operation by june. getting a pat on the back taking down 4 men burglarizing homes all over the state. police recovered more than a 3000 items. sports memorabilia jewelry and even
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guns. stolen from homes in cook, lake, will and dupage officers from 28 different agencies worked together on the bossed charges expected soon. emotional farewell dozens of 11 soldiers prepare for deployment to afghanistan and medical watch robotic surgery out a new technique helping children keep healthy and that the death toll rises last week tornado illinois politicians pushing for federal help in the aftermath of the twister and cooler temperatures but tom skilling says warmer weather on the way. wgn news @ 9
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2 people are dead seven others injured following a shooting pittsburgh this afternoon. one of the dead is the shooter. entered law the university of pittsburgh hospital armed with two handguns 130 this afternoon swat team was dispatched after university warned of the shooting on twitter still not clear what set off the gunmen seven injured expected to survive. death toll has risen to 7 following last week's devastating tornado tore through downstate harrisburg. 70 year-
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old donald smith his wife remains hospitalized at know it centers and the entire state congressional delegation sent a letter today to president obama requesting a major disaster federal reimbursement for damage repairs sen. dick durbin and sen mark kirk. more and no soldiers collector serve and afghanistan ceremony held international national guard armory in north riverside today. 244th army liaison working on border security afghanistan and pakistan meet counterparts away from families of 400 days. returning winter 2013240 and know it national guardsmen serving in afghanistan problem most voters encounter into the booth long list of unknown judges on the ballot how do you know who to choose and president of not turning for all that would magic and a familiar voice to push re-election message
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republican presidential race illinois could play a pivotal role this year early voting is running higher cook county clerk david orr 77% increase and republican voters compared to republicans turning out in illinois primary four years ago early voting democrats down a suburban cook county this year by 10,000 votes. >> his decision nobody standing in his way.
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>> president obama campaign staff trailer upcoming 70 minute documentary reelection efforts called the road we traveled narrated by hollywood actor tom hanks documentdocumentary portrays president ticket on series of challenges republicans immediately panned it. tight race and 10th congressional district tonight three front runners criticized rap schneider can to get what they call topics change says clamped endorsement by barack obama tough exchange politics tonight >> disappointing and the reality we have a real differences and the campaign and have to focus on them you have to have integrity and the campaign cannot claim the president has endorsed do difficult to believe
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it concerned how much time and effort goes into every part of me every mailing speech wording to believe it did not attend to the endorsement by the president is laughable. >> brad snyder released a statement no attempt to mislead the public catch mort 10th district race politics tonight monday-friday 6:00 p.m. on c ltv. if you vote that led light march 20th primary to choose from dozens of candidates who want to be judged at our look at the long list of candidates thinking no idea any of the people a good judge? tonight wgn investigation whether a judge always uses good judgement. >> lady justice symbol for all that is right in the world the sword means power the scale balances the claims of each note struggle which is why her image in place and on the illinois supreme court seal. every election year up to the voters to decide who will wear the rope sit behind the badge dispense
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justice. is this lady decision to important for boaters who rarely noted know the difference between this guy >> ever hear of these names? >> the man finds sounds familiar but i might be confusing him with rod stewart >> attorney and former chairman of illinois judicial inquiry board >> nobody in this town judge lawyer archbishop can intelligently identify each of the cadets in these race and make a legitimate form of judgment not possible >> aspire to become a judge son de >> not to pick on him but who does not like puppies and helping old women across the street but does that make it a good judge? looking at this race
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all the candidates listed as qualified add to our highly qualified judicial committee of chicago bar association right to them >> on the whole do you get this right? >> anybody qualified or highly qualified telling india's voters could candidates for the judicial position in our investigation and the recommendation >> all qualified but investigation found one of them might have tripped up on his way down the campaign trail. judge james shapiro sitting lost three previous elections appointed to the circuit court bench any way by the supreme court now running for judge a fourth time as the only candidate who has the integrity to be a fair and just judge but what voters might never know is that he committed a big no no nominated petition signed why he himself was one day waiting to be a juror considered highly inappropriate
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among some in the judicial world >> the courthouse and the place in the courthouse no place for judicial candidates to hustle books. does not make sense. inappropriate. >> ever heard of anything like this? >> no not ever >> to win this seat nearly $300,000 combined has been spent illinois supreme candidate supreme court candidates try to get you to remember their name in the booth where does that leave the average voter on election day? >> crapshoot >> i kind of go pick a name perhaps. >> so if you do a vote what do do? >> eye skip that. exactly. >> judge james shapiro what he did in gathering signatures jury waiting room and not illegal no investigation attorney called it
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not a story and said the judge did make himself look foolish. wgn website section of the gm and tested its page a link to the groups that rate the judges go there including a bar association application for smart phones into the voting booth. >> robotic surgeries certainly not new but when it comes to treating children new ball game. and two sisters bring holiday celebrations to sick kids around chicago.
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medical watch operating room in the hands of a robot technology is not new but when it comes to treating children changing the game. game on four nicholas pedotto after years of suffering severe pain and vomiting 11 year old is back in action. >> about nine months old had a lot of stomach viruses what we thought at the time growing up in a lot of pain and it would go
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away 10 hours or so. >> doctors suggested food allergies stomach migrant changed her sons by it still nicholas pedotto suffered >> it was not fun >> finally a simple ultrasound solved the mystery >> other tests done but focusing nobody focused on a big panoramic of the abdominal area >> it was a blockage between nicholas pedotto kidney and bladder the diagnosis brought them to children's memorial hospital and dr. bruce lindgren urologist suggested robotic surgery. >> pretty amazing a robot is doing surgery >> robot is helping us and the surgery telling the robot what to do instrument >> not from the bedside from a consul doctors control the three robotic arms delicately maneuver
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inside the body >> delicate reconstruction because >> patient might be small the robot looms like a giant creature sci-fi movie but this is a gentle giant one that helps doctors perform a variety of procedures complex bladder reconstructions to common blockages like nicholas pedotto >> to do the same thing laparoscopically with a robot as open much smaller incisions less pain and scarring normal activity and a couple of days back to work >> robotic surgery is not new for years doctors using technology to delicately treat prostate cancer gynecologic condition, even valve in the heart now are missing power to treat tiny patient >> robotic advantage very precise manipulation reconstruction very tiny incisions the best way to do this
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70 degrees on the way? >> next week and warm temperatures of several days but higher humidity makes it feel more like spring. fair amount of that. chilly night and day to go through. next week no reports of northern lights geomagnetic storm impact of the earth. this is what the northern lights looked like tonight to go. two nights ago. on the shores of lake superior photographer and husband called for just time lapse videos. marquette michigan that is amazing articles from the sun hit the upper
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atmosphere ionizing the particles up their light is off always nice here on earth floors are blooming in some places. captured the shots beautiful. of course tonight did you look outside? competing with the northern lights. the big bright full moon tonight quite a job capturing this detail you can see on that shot. satellite temperature plot today. cooler than yesterday at 68 degrees and 46 degrees early part of march. cold stuff bottled up to the north staying there another cool night cool day coming up tomorrow seasonably and warming up again. and this year averaged 32.6 degrees that is 6.2 degrees above average qualifies 11th warmest start to a year and 141 years weather records. pretty amazing more
9:32 pm
than eight degrees warmer than the same period last year. what a change from one year ago. 27 degrees colder tonight than last night. could see the bormann to the west a sign a short line equal of warming up in the days coming up after a cool day tomorrow in the mid-40s. in the thirties tonight with low 20's before the night is over. west wind have all but lost the guest today costing and near 60 mi. per hour are still west of 13 mi. per hour worked with 57 percent humidity. highlighting a brief cool down a normal high temperature 44 degrees compared to 46 degrees predicting look at these temperatures into five day increments over the next 10 days. first five days over seven degrees above normal and 19 degrees above average. 70 degrees above normal these
9:33 pm
verified produced by combining united states model european model taking in the forecast for both same tune and a warm to and over the next few weeks. rain in buckets down in the south look at the radar right here icons that show you where the rainfall this cool air of tonight. up against warm air yesterday. moisture starts to flow northward look at the top rent cumulonimbus clouds poured in on the louisiana and arkansas tonight. rainfall numbers and a bit. he made air southerly wind blow over the weekend this coming up particularly on sunday not so much saturday but sunday next week first 60 degree 2 points and chicago by midweek sense way back in october. rainfall near memphis tennessee today. rainfall there and arkansas pouring rain fall down there rainfall totals in arkansas. over 4 in. in places
9:34 pm
tennessee hard hit by rainfall as well. in our area and chilly temperatures tonight low 20s and spots down 40 degrees at o'hare and midway. 34 degrees mchenry county another view down south before we show you what is on the way high-pressure tomorrow takes the wind down another step look at the flow behind this. isobars pact wind roars hold moisture. getting for saturday and sunday morning without moisture in here. on sunday started with sunshine cloud over during the day rainfall mixed thunderstorm late sunday-sunday night we went with us saturday and warm in the sot minnesota and dakotas tomorrow area getting light area of red and purple with the wind is blowing and there we are starting saturday morning and sent a afternoon another day 40
9:35 pm
mi. alagoas spilling over into sunday another when d-day but warm. flood advisories and all of that windfall down south advisories for impending wind on the great lakes starting tomorrow night and saturday down in the southwest big windfall stand away for awhile. severe weather also a jet strayed from canada flat and out first pacific air and then the branch called monster. interesting upper air pattern the main jet already into southern canada. southern jet stream. atmosphere two months running ahead of schedule. we can see if that trend continues clouds colder tonight 30 degrees in chicago 26 degrees officially at o'hare gorgeous day seasonable temperatures high temperature 46 degrees northwest
9:36 pm
wind will be likelier chilly mid-20s and tomorrow night mostly sunny windy and milder on saturday temperatures up to 59 degrees and the afternoon 35 mi. per hour worked plus when the dust. low 60s and next sunday wait until you see the next week forecast showing you a graphic of the warm air will dominate next week on the update. >> a beautiful day i'd be in march >> yesterday's temperatures were like the month of may >> yes that is amazing pollen count for this year yes everything running ahead of schedule. special delivering special kids to sisters made it their mission to give to sick children and the north suburban house seen in the movie home alone is finally off the market how much did it go for?
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spring training is under way. back in chicago sister and mother all excited about the start of the season not just because a big baseball fans' attention began and the game and players bring to their charity holiday heroes of >> great charity to young girls try to work with >> chicago cubs hall of famer fergie jenkins one of current players major league baseball pregnant a smile to bring a smile to faces of sick children recreating spirit of six different holidays valentine's day easter fourth of july halloween at thanksgiving and christmas or hanukkah by it started a party had given out gift cards >> children's memorial hospital in december sent out to spread holiday cheer reaction is the
9:41 pm
part battling this message was 8 years old hour and have twice a day at the same time does treatment helps to open up her lungs to make it easier for her to brief calls this hermite time >> spent an hour and half putting makeup on this is my makeup that is my time >> does not end there half-dozen medications she takes everyday >> by d efficiencies to help my skin and everything and this on my food opens my airwaves. and this is for and having
9:42 pm
medication he and my lungs healthy >> one of the most energetic people >> younger sister says heather is a role model so close often mistaken for twins' only fitting the two started holiday heroes together the idea came to them what christmas while heather was in the hospital saw how happy and little boy was after getting public book is on the gift say they had to do something >> eight year-old how am i supposed to touch people's lives? the only thing to think up giving a smile or dips doing something small >> small gestures full-blown and charity, but memorabilia athletes given time to meet with sick children >> outstanding situation now the girls have been to soars chicago marathon 100 runners
9:43 pm
>> how holiday heroes started than it was just something for us little kids to do charitable and help and good people and it is just so amazing now >> looking for others shedding passions runners register chicago marathon holiday heroes and help them raise money. more information website coming up off of the market a buyer shot and out big bucks for house and the whole all movies and later in sports and northwestern so close to locking up n.c.a.a. tournament bid down to the wire against minnesota and big 10 tournament. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you do ♪ ♪ something
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wgn news @ 9 since the death of whitney houston people all around the world wondering what is in her will? her daughter bobbi kristina receives everything of the former husband bobby brown does not get anything. speculation whitney houston spent much of her fortune according to her well any money from the estate into a trust for 19 year old daughter getting a
9:47 pm
payout once 21-25 and 30 years old. winnekta house used in the movie home alone officially sold 1 $5 million. $1.5 million might sound like a lot of money but half of the of original asking price $2.4 million built in the 1920's and of course and its 1990 movie starring mccauhly caulken. tom skilling seven day forecast with lovely sound and numbers >> you are going to love this flock of them right here just like returning birds migrating north early this year in the wake of the warm weather 37 degrees current temperature warmest air in the southeast over the next two weeks only small portions of six states below normal temperatures. virtually the rest were 48 basically 4/5 of the country to
9:48 pm
the east above normal way above normal. artificial satellite forecast sequence driven by the numerical models westfields sunshine tomorrow clouds stay away from us clear tomorrow night and saturday morning all day saturday bright sunshine and moisture southern wind colp moisture northward clouding over during the day on sunday after a sunshine start. what happens to the temperatures cool warm into the 60s to the west. forties' here. tomorrow night down to the low 30's 20's in the suburbs not far from 60 on saturday. that is just the beginning low temperatures at night only in the 40's rising into the '60s during the day on sunday the wind will taper off tomorrow morning at the baltimore evening in the wind faded away back over the
9:49 pm
weekend. forecast 7062 sunday at 68 monday. >> boys and girls club chicago 2012 chicago youth of the year general robert e. wood club and youth of the year 17 year-old from wgn mentoring program the runner-up congratulations
9:50 pm
chicago bulls looking point ninth victory in a row tonight against orlando encouraging signs of the black hawks rehabilitation jonathan toews finally back on the ice sports next. weight loss programs can be expensive. so to save some money, i just got the popular girls from the local middle school to follow me around. ew. seriously? so gross. ew. seriously? that is so gross. ew. seriously? dude that is so totally gross. so gross...i know. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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northwestern good enough to play n.c.a.a. tournament that would be there if only to figure out a way to finish losing them so many tight losses probably in john shurna 1 points 24 points northwestern university up for the not score again in regulation missing in the lead and when it gets for the cats dave sobolewski into overtime northwestern 0-to make it 0-3 final minute shooting for the time and not go to work out of bounds and shell shocked cats defense for wide-open jam that is evident in overtime. minnesota wins cats finish 18-13 hoping to get off the bubble >> disappointing obviously a lot
9:54 pm
of tough games this year. credit to minnesota. extra play >> told the guys before the game if we win tonight does not mean you are an that is what i think a body of work wouldn't resume out there seeing where it covers >> jury is out bruce weber illinois and iowa played the opener the lob from tyler griffey caved in again meyers leonard mike gatens up by eight before i was sneaks back in 54 seconds left brandon paul right to the hawkeyes on the inbound collapse is complete 64-61 iowa allied night 2-12 and the end 17-15 after 15-3 start coach bruce weber is on the ropes
9:55 pm
>> when you lose no success as a coach of course disappointed. that is why you coach to help your team be successful. and you just all you can do is come every day and give your best effort i thought our staff did our kids did >> what happens in champaign talk back to back for chicago bulls milwaukee last night at home against orlando tonight eight game winning streak on deadline. how word and derrick rose pregame first quarter all orlando magic. jasen richardson from downtown and the white house word for when it down on the rebound 18. first half lead and chicago bulls will 10 and derrick rose beating halftime buzzer 55-52. carlos boozer great game tonight giving the chicago bulls the lead by two
9:56 pm
points missing open shots and brian anderson with the game tied trade this from downtown and the magic and the chicago bulls' winning streak 99-94. something you have not seen in a long time jonathan toews on skates on the ice moving slowly before practice this morning a long way from plant and a game what they saw today >> could skate today it felt good very exciting to have been out here encourage really good day felt good part of this big first steps in and out there progressive >> by cox and rangers baseball today chicago cubs and mariners once again alfonso soriano swingman 625 batting average so far 5-8 with three home runs chicago cubs lost the game at
9:57 pm
10-3. straw chris volsted start. this was first inning adam dunn has to have bounced back here a three run home run first official at that of the year also r.b.i. in the double and gordon beckham also try to turn that around to run home run given robin ventura 1st win marquette lost in the big east batt but that is the news.
9:58 pm
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